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March 22 2016


Stronger Women's Communities

Empowering women
When my fiancee and I moved to San Francisco, she was very pumped up about finding new friends and joining existing groups for fun activities and hobbies. She happily continued meetup.com and realized that there were very few small or medium-sized events. Moreover, most of the groups had to charge their members some small fees for attending in order to cover the expense of creating the event, since Meetup charges a high fee for organizing events and maintaining groups.

christian group
Immediately a lightweight went of within my head. I understand the Meetup has got to pay their $ 100 or so employees, servers and work place. But that is besides the point, as my fiancee just wanted to be part of an organization without finances getting into the way. She i would like a pleasant and safe environment for those local women to have interaction.

I feel that this is exactly what has to be done with a wider scale. Using the rise of online communities today, why don't you create free and open platforms for females and other groups to get in a nice and supportive environment.

My feeling is that while women do support their community a lot, the current state of that community still breeds plenty of competition and lack of mutual collaboration on a wide or medium scale.

As one example, many mothers group become hand-me-down clothes sales attempts instead of what they were originally designed to do: build a helpful and positive group where mothers can share their experiences along with other moms who could happen to live nearby.

In the professional environment, there is a similar situation. Many women find their competitors being other women and that breeds deficiencies in collaboration.

I am hoping that continuing to move forward there will be more small , medium-sized groups for women in which the goal will be mutual help.

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